Create a fully responsive and advanced web application.

BACKEND: Java Spring & Node.js | MOBILE: React Native – Android + iOS | WEB: Vue & React

Hire a professional developer

Seamlessly integrated features in your mobile app.

Our core features

Highly Versatile and advanced

We create Android & iOS mobile and responsive web apps in newest technologies

Small & Medium Businesses

We are specialists in business automation. We create dedicated systems.


We are particularly interested in startup projects. Design, implementation, deployment, IT support.

We create mobile and web apps for people like you.
What we can offer you

Mobile and WEB Development

We create mobile applications both on Android and iOS. We have an experience in webpage implementation too! Our systems have functionalities like: push notifications, maps integration, payments, reservation mechanism, real-time chats, invoices generators and many many more! We care very much about our client’s satisfaction.

Premium Consulting and performance auditing

If you need consult your idea or you already have IT system in your company contact us to talk about it, analyze strengths and weaknesses and establish a development strategy. We will take care about your project! We create professional source code or infrastracture audit reports.

Body leasing

We will be delighted to join your team and support your developers. Just tell how many hours and what technology do you need. Members of our team are excellent at collaborating with others and fees are very competitive.
Outsourcing in Java, Node, React Native, Vue and more is possible from tomorrow!

Technology stack
  • Java Spring
  • Node.js
  • PHP


  • Android + iOS
  • React Native
  • Java / Kotlin


  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Symfony


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